Permissible End Uses

Since October 2019, the Memorandum of the Association has been amended to include societal work involving beneficiaries outside of Presidency and its alumni.

Extract from the Articles (Clause 3):

a) to promote a feeling of fellowship and fraternity amongst the ex-students of the Presidency College and between them and the present students and staff of The College;

b) to organize social functions, conferences, debates, seminars, symposia etc. from time to time and to hold the annual re-union of the members of the Association on the occasion of the Founders’ Day of the College;

c) to promote cultural and intellectual activities in the widest sense;

d) to provide such relief as is possible within the limits of its own resources to ex-students who are in need on account of age, sickness, indigence or other causes and to render to deserving present students such assistance as they may be in need of;

e) to publish periodicals, pamphlets, souvenirs or books for diffusion of knowledge or for promoting any of the objects of the Association;

f) to initiate or assist in the initiation or performance of all activities which would be directly or indirectly beneficial to the College and/or to the students, ex-students and members of the staff, past or present , and in upholding the tradition of excellence of the Presidency College, Calcutta;

g) to maintain or assist the College in maintaining a Register of ex-students and of former teachers of the College;

h) generally to undertake all activities necessary or expedient for carrying out the objects of the Association


i) to undertake social and charitable activities focused towards advancement of learning and contribution to public interest and/or uplift of weaker sections of the society.

General Purpose Donation

Your donation is important to the Association in carrying out its work. It will go a long way in serving the causes mentioned in the Permissible End Uses (Bold) list of activities appearing in this page.

Donation is this category will be auto accepted and put in the mixed kitty for need based utilization around the year.

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