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Along with preserving the Presidency legacy for generations to come, staying connected with the Presidency network of member alumni as they move about the globe in search of personal growth and professional excellence, is a major activity and challenge for the Association.

This activity cannot thrive without your active participation in updating your contact information in the member directory through the Member Dashboard section of the website. Updating your current city of residence allows others to locate those in the vicinity at any point in time.

And of course, please introduce new members to this network and join us in making this a vibrant directory that serves the alumni and its ecosystem in times of leisure and need.

Registered Chapters

Delhi 2018

Delhi 2019

Picnic, Mumbai

Bijoy Sammilani, Mumbai

Anand Mukherjee, President @

Hiranmay Karlekar, Vice President @

Gargi Chakravarty, Vice President @

Jhum Jhum Shirali, Secretary @

Sujan Sinha, President @
Prosenjit Gupta, Vice President @
Debashish Bagchi, Vice President @
Sudipta Tapan Sinha, Secretary @
Nilanjana Gupta, Joint Secretary @
Arnab Ghosh, Joint Secretary @

Santanu Mukherjee @

Informal collectives

Sankarshan Basu @