The Boipara Community or the community in the immediate vicinity of Pesidency, College Street, is integral to our growing up years and been witness to the personal struggles and fulfillment of aspirations of most of the alumni members.
There has been a growing desire to support the ailing community of used book sellers, hawkers, employees of small eateries etc.
You would be aware of the devastation to livelihood of this community in the face of cyclone Amphan and then the double impact of covid pandemic when schools are colleges have been closed, including Presidency.

Response to Cyclone Amphan

Our support to about 300 members of this community was by way of direct fund transfer of Rs. 1300/- each and supply of old books to try compensate for the loss in inventory and livelihood that was washed away during cyclone Amphan in May 2020. The handing outs started on October 9, 2020

Response to Covid

Our support was by way of advocacy to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation that enabled focused covid vaccination drive specifically for this community. Under this initiative, around 900 odd members of the community received the vaccination on July 5, 2021