Parambrata cheers for students at Presidency University fest

Parambrata cheers for students at Presidency University fest

It’s time for celebrations again at Presidency University, with the annual fest, Milieu 2015, set to kick off on January 14.The four-day fest, which is presented by The Times of India and supported by Presidency University Alumni Association, will see over 30 city colleges taking part in the various on and off-stage events like Stars and Kings: Battle of Bands, Tarkayudh: Debate, The Third Eye: Photography , Conjure: Creative Writing, Eastern and Western Dance Competition, Treasure Hunt, Antakshari and many more.

The highlights are baul band Moner Manush, Pata R Moruddyan, Fossils and an unplugged performance by Arko Mukhopadhyay on the final day .

“Milieu is the biggest platform for cultural expression for the students of Presidency . The last Milieu happened in December 2010. There has been a long break since as we did not have a student’s union. The sports week, which started on January 6, saw over 25 colleges taking part. Parambrata Chatterjee and team Lorai had come to cheer for the players. This year’s Milieu is going to be bigger and better and will try to make up for the four years it had missed. So come, celebrate Presidency,” said PUSUC treasurer Soham Gangopadhyay.

The college walls are being decorated and a large stage has been set up on the field for open-air gigs. The inter-college events will take place in the Derozio Hall. About changes in events, Soham said the Chao Quiz has been renamed as Quizzical this year. Event convenor Prantik Basu said, “For the Milieu dinner, we will stick to our conventional fried rice and chilli chicken.”

All said and done, you’d better brace yourself for a happening week full of entertainment! When I was in the second year of college, and we bought firecrackers to celebrate successful completion of Milieu and kept those in the union room cupboard. The night before the final day, we stayed at Hindu hostel and when we were pretty high, we saw explosions in the sky. It was lovely! The next morning, we found that the union room lock had been broken and the cupboard opened. We realized that the fireworks we saw were actually the crackers we had bought! We felt so stupid! But what matters in the end is the fun we had.

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